Happy Holidays 2016!

Happy Holidays from Israel!

Israel is a wonderful source of multi-cultural experiences. During the holiday season, on a drive through the country, you may see a Christmas tree in one window and a candelabra for Chanukah (called a menorah) at the next. It's also winter, which means it's the middle of the rainy season in Israel. For a desert country, a wet rainy winter forecasts abundant spring crops and flowing rivers. But the winter season also offers a sense of rest and tranquility as we tend to spend time sheltered from the elements.

As an observer of the world around me, I look to nature as I continue to innovate and create the beautiful look of Or Paz. Watching the swirling winds and the undulating rain, as it falls in the river, sparks visions of movement that served to help inspire me to fashion our newest ring, the Lace Spinner Ring.

Our newest Sterling Silver spinner ring comes in three colors (yellow, silver and pink) and has stunning accents of flowers and lace at its edges. We have made beautiful creations with lace detailing and floral motifs before, but this is the first time we have combined the two. The intricacy of the lace is seamlessly accented by finely detailed scrolling flowers to produce beauty on your finger. The three spinners that surround the ring are composed of one beaded and two hammered rings which swivel smoothly and easily around the core.

In addition to the ring's inherent beauty is a culture and history behind the development of "spinner rings." Most likely conceived in Tibet, spinner rings were traditionally worn to help sooth the wearers' worries. But I believe that the Spinner Ring has a some additional uses too. For those who find fidgeting helps their concentration, spinning the outer core is an effective fidget method. I have discovered that spinning the outer rings serves as a positive distraction, and the repetitive motion is calming. I even read a study that suggests that a spinner ring can help reduce anxiety! Tibetan beliefs suggest that spinning the ring increases good karma while ridding the wearer of negative energy. Adding these facets to our ring, you will find that the Lace Spinner is not only stunning, but spinning the ring can be habit forming too!

It is so exciting to present a new item for QVC's TSV. This is our largest request for a TSV that we have produced to date. Creating a ring is a labor of love. The steps began about a year ago, with the seeds of an idea. Followed by drawings, images and then a prototype that lead to the manufacture and production of such a magnificent ring. I hope you enjoy wearing this Lace Spinner Ring as much as I enjoyed preparing it for you. Please let me know how you benefit from the Spinning mechanism!

Wishing our family and friends a Happy New Year! May 2017 bring you joy, happiness, health and tranquility!

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