Or Paz - A Global Trend!

I am so excited to announce that Or Paz has been launched in Japan! We have achieved Global Status! Featured in Germany, France, England, Italy, the United States and now JAPAN! Our stunning silver jewelry - designed and manufactured in Israel - is now multilingual! My dream has always been to take the organic and look and translate it into amazing jewelry. My fantasy was to take our high-quality, artisan pieces and make them into an international sensation. With the launch of Or Paz on QVC Japan we are now in six countries. Come join me on this journey throughout the world as I attempt to learn new words, try exotic foods and meet amazing people!

When I began designing jewelry nearly 10 years ago, I was thinking about form, beauty and the organic look that translates into jewelry that has everlasting beauty. As we have grown, I have taken tremendous pride in ensuring that our look is maintained, and that each piece has beauty, charm and longevity. I focus on the details, they are what set us apart and make Or Paz a unique and treasured jewelry line. With the launch of Or Paz in Japan I am both humbled and proud of our success. The fruits of my labor have come to fruition!

While here I have observed that the modern architecture, and the hustle and bustle of Tokyo are in sharp contrast to the snowy mountains that serve as the view. When I think of sports in Japan, I think of Sumo wrestling! But I didn't know that Japan is also crazy for baseball, with a few differences - the playing field, strike zone and even the actual ball are different sizes than the standards familiar in the US. Now let's talk about the food. Where thoughts of food immediately go to sushi, tempura or miso soup, did you know that Japan has the most unusual vending machines? It's not a stretch to find fishing bait, bread, amulets and "bread in a can."

Do you think they will every sell Jewelry out of a vending machine? I hope not!!

さようなら = soyanara!

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