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I've said it before, and I'll say it again....when I appeared at QVC Japan this week, it was a dream come true! My passion is fashion and the creation of beauty to enhance everyone. Living in Israel serves as an incredible inspiration for me. From the beautiful blue tones of the Mediterranean through the beige and browns of the dessert sand I seek inspiration from my surroundings. From the smooth texture of worn ceramic through the rough edged broken edges that make Roman Glass, I create through my senses. Launching Or Paz at QVC in the United States was a moment of pride, and my time at QVC has served to meet wonderful friends, and speak with customers that I can truly call, "My family."

Now, my family has grown. With the expansion to markets in Italy, France, England and Germany I feel as though I am a proud father watching my children grow! I invite you to come with me on my world-wide tour as I spread the beauty of Or Paz throughout the world!


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