How does Passover go Beyond the Kitchen?

I live in Israel, and have been celebrating Passover my entire life. I want to take you on an imaginary walk-through about the preparations for the holiday, and how an entire country transforms for this holiday.

Fashion. Renewal. I know it sounds funny, but Passover cleverly coincides with Spring Cleaning! There are fantastic deals at the stores on new appliances, and of course clothing too! White dresses And lots of jewelry glittering in the showcases as people Are looking for the best gifts for their loved ones and for themselves. Everyone is busy getting their homes ready for the holiday, which means that cleaning products go on sale this time of year!

Flowers. Nothing says spring like an amazing bouquet of freshly cut flowers. For a country that doesn't see much rainfall, it always amazes me to see the phenomenal assortment of plants, flowers and greenery that is abundant. The rainy season is nearly over, which means that the colorful flowers are bountiful. A trip to the south yields the most phenomenal colors and variety. The scent of flowers is just amazing, I make sure to drive through the most fertile areas with my windows open.

Fruits and Vegetables. Making a savory salad is a snap as the produce is fresh and from farm to table is very fast in this country.

Culinary Israel boasts an eclectic blend of middle eastern and North African influences; which translates to exotic and special food - all year round!

FAMILY. I think it's clear that I love Israel. The sites, the sounds, the tastes serve as a palette for creativity. With my family gathered round, it's easy to remember that this is a holiday of renewal, a holiday of freedom that goes far beyond the kitchen.

I hope I am able to pass on to you, my dear friends, this sense of renewal and freshness and that is joyful and wonderful. May this Passover bring a fresh energy and renewal to your lives.

#passover #spring #renewal #preparating #creativity

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