Israel. A Small Country, a Big Soul.

The things that keep me most engaged, are also the things that I am most passionate about. My family takes the center stage, and everything revolves around them. When I'm working, I think about my family as my emotional support, and I value being able to love what I do to financially support them. I love extreme sports, and exercises. It keeps my body nimble, my mind sharp and my energy and enthusiasm for the world around me increases as I continue to improve my physical fitness.

Travel. I love my home, the comfort, the ease, and of course the casualness that surrounds it. But sometimes I just need to leave my four walls and explore the world around me. Whether travelling a few moments, or a few hours, I am always amazed to what Israel has to offer me. I am proud to put a variety of pictures from my latest trip along the coast of Israel. Enjoy views of the Mediterranean, enjoy the views from the ancient city of Acco & the coastal City of Rosh Hanikra.



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