Fathers: Shaping the World

Is being a father tough? Well, let's review some of the easy steps of fatherhood. It is really easy to fall in love with, and be totally immersed with and obsessed with your children. From the moment they first open their eyes, you can't help but feel unconditional love for their beauty and innocence. Then I think of all their milestones: I recall their first bite of food; With picture perfect memory I remember each of my children walking their first steps, and saying their first words - which I would like to remember as "aba" = dad. With immense pride I watched them as they wobbled on their bike without training wheels. It's those snapshots that I know will remain indelibly cemented in my mind. And when they were little, I was the ONLY super hero in their lives. So, what's tough about that?

Well, it's hard to watch them fall out of a tree and break an arm. It's important to be their cheerleader when they are frustrated for not scoring the goal in soccer - or worse - letting the winning goal go through their net. It's hard to step back and watch them solve conflicts on their own, when my instinct would be to scoop them up and fight their battles for them.

I know that my sustained effort to raise children will come back to bless me in the future. I strive to be a consistently good role model. I model good health and fitness habits. I work hard to provide my family with a stable lifestyle. I want to raise my children to be independent thinkers, to understand that they are part of a community that helps and supports each other. My children will be able to take calculated risks, knowing that there can be a great rewards.

Being a role model doesn't mean that I'm perfect, it means that I'm human. I am driven to follow my dreams and ambitions. I allow my creative side to guide me to make decisions and think, "outside of the box." When I demonstrate self-discipline and commitment, I hope that my children see the merit of following through on an idea, on a dream, on an inspiration and watch it as it develops and grows.

I think that building the Or Paz collection parallels my fatherhood philosophy. When I nursed Or Paz through its infancy and growing pains, I took risks to develop ideas and followed them through to completion. With my newest Men's Collection, I take such pride in looking at something new, something that is uniquely me.

Father (just like the word Mother) is a verb, It is how we interact with others. It stems from our desire to help others by teaching skills or by sharing knowledge. Wishing all the Fathers, Grandfathers, Brothers and Uncles a very Happy Father's Day!

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