The Blooming of an Idea

Dear Friends,

This upcoming week is a special one. On Thursday, I will be back on the Eastern Seaboard of the United States present an Or Paz "Today Special Value"! Usually happening only once a year, the TSV is a very exciting opportunity. When I think back about one year ago, I can remember when the "seeds" of Today's Special Value's were planted. It has taken almost a year of preparations that started from an idea, progressed to a sketch, then a design, next was a model, followed by gem stones, and finally production…everything is coming together for this one special day! And of course, I want to share it with you!

Do you know the feeling of a test that you prepared for a year? What about getting ready for an important interview? How about the anticipation of a date with someone that have you cared for a long time? It's those kind of feelings, the little butterflies, that I have been experiencing the past few days. The feelings will only get stronger as we get approach midnight for the launch of the TSV.

Imagine taking care of a precious rose plant that you purchased as a seedling. Consistently being attentive: water, sunlight, pruning, protecting. And then, it blooms! Once you see the beauty of the flower, you are gratified and fulfilled knowing that work and energy yielded such perfection. For 2017 , I designed something very special, it combines many elements that I have designed over the years roses….you know it’s my all time favorite flower….I love what it roses symbolize; balance, harmony, love and beauty. I love the movement, I love the shape, color and truly everything about the rose. The delicate layers, the inherent perfection!

For the first time ever, I have combined the rose with gem stones…I did it in my favorite category in jewelry which is a tennis bracelet. We worked so hard on the details, the dimensions and the comfort for the bracelet. I have always asserted that a tennis bracelet is such a classic. A piece of jewelry that never goes out of fashion, it is so versatile! From formal to casual, you can wear this tennis bracelet with any look - and most important - Or Paz has the look and feel of designer, fine jewelry. And the price? According to, it's less than a bouquet of two-dozen roses - and it will stay fresh forever!

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