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Happening right in my own backyard! The Graduation Exhibition of students from the Shenkar College of Design, Engineering and Art. International young talent come to Tel Aviv to hone their skills, be mentored and find their "visual voice".

Or Paz Team celebrates Shenkar Graduation

Danny Newfeld of Or Paz Creations and The Or Paz Design Team enjoying a quick "bite to eat" before attending the Shenkar College Graduation Exhibition.

"Design is a way of communicating visually".

"Design is a way of communicating visually".

And these students do it best! The hottest talent from Shenkar are recruited by international companies such as New Balance. and the Business of Fashion (online magazine) ranks Shenkar in the top ten of Fashion Schools Internationally.

Some notable graduates are Alber Elbaz, former creative director at Lanvin. Attending the graduation show is always fascinating. The fashion runway just glows with the latest combination of textiles, styles and combination of new technology.

The design and engineering showcases are equally mind-boggling....from shapes, materials and colors the creations are just amazing....

Modern textiles meet whimsy, floor design, and everything in between. This exhibition is a feast for the senses!

Form and Function intersect amazingly!

If you'd like to see a great clip of here!

Hear all about Shenkar and the amazing program that they offer!

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