New Beginnings - Rain in Israel

yellow boots in a puddle

Let's talk WATER!!

My Dear Friends,

I'm hear to talk about water! Water to drink, water for the plants, water to make our grass green. Domestic purposes. Agricultural purposes. Scientific purposes. Water is our life force.

When you live in a desert climate, you do not take water for granted. But I'm not here to talk conservation, nor ecological impact, I'm here just to talk about water.. Although the world is nearly 70% water, there is only about 1% of water that is consumable. So taking all that water, desalinating it, and turning it into a potable drink has been a mission in Israel since its birth of a state....and we're doing a great job.

But why am I talking water, right here, right now? Because it rained today! And while areas in North America may have had rain periodically during the summer, we have had less than an inch of rain since March 2017. So that means we have to be creative. Conserve. Save. And still, we need to irrigate our produce and feed our animals so we will have the yields we need in the future.

I like to compare water to the creative process. At times, there is a drought. No matter how hard I try, not matter how many times I put pencil to paper, nothing flows. The paper remains dry and arid. At other times, images and ideas easily flow, filling buckets-worth of forms and figures. Sometimes there are thunder clouds, large bursts that yield much noise, but not much product. at other times, the delicate pitter patter are the beginning morsels that will yield beautiful fruit.

I can't wait to be back at QVC next week, October 15th (from 6-8am EST). I was in Pennsylvania last week at the Creede Sales Event, but this week I will have a two-hour show dedicated to Or Paz. It is here where I love to share with you some of my latest creations, and talk about the design process.

When you look out your window, what do you see? What drives your thoughts? Is it the bright sun on a clear day? Is it the frosty white sky hinting at a snowfall? For me, it's the beauty of a fall rain. It's the smells of wet grass. It's the puddles my kids jump in and out of. In the words of Dean Martin, "Let it Rain, let it rain, let it rain"....

two girls with umbrellas

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