Is a Silver Bullet Made From Sterling Silver?

My Dear Friends,

I’ve decided to devote a blog to SILVER. It’s my passion, it’s my business. I love working with it, every time I think about silver, I think about the endless creative possibilities that silver can yield. It’s more affordable than gold, but when I look around at the word “SILVER” I know that there are many metals with the silver color, or have the word silver in their description. So I would like to share with you some insights about what you’re buying.

The Basics About Sterling Silver

Pure silver (like pure gold) is made up of pure silver – nothing added, which is why pure silver – or fine silver – may also be called 99.9%. But pure silver is dull in color. It is soft and can bend and scratch pretty easily, which makes it not very practical for jewelry or ornamentation. Thinking about those bullion bars that are the subject of movie plots? Pure silver. As a result, copper and zinc or even nickel may be added up to 7.5%. If you do the math, you will now understand why sterling silver is stamped with a 925. 92.5% is real silver. Or Paz Jewelry From Israel prides itself on using only 92.5% silver. No silver plating.

But What About Other Markings?

In addition to the 925 / Sterling Silver fineness marks, if you look closely, you may find numbers such as 800 or 830 or even other designations on silver items. Another popular number is 900, also called “coin” silver, 90% silver and 10% copper. Have you ever seen coins minted in the United States before 1900? Items with a 900 marking have a quite high intrinsic value, because they are considered antiques. Have you heard of Britannia Silver and Mexican Silver? All contain small amounts silver, plus other metal alloys to give strength and durability.

How do you Test for Silver Quality?

The truth is: there really isn’t a sure-fire way without causing some destruction to your object….so my suggestion is as follows: Buy your silver from a reputable source.

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