Doughnut or Donut?


My Dear Friends,

oliebol dutch new year's treat

Did you know: It all started with the dough? Did you know that nearly every culture boasts their own fried dough recipe? Have you ever heard of youtiao? It's similar to a churro, and is eaten across China and Southeast Asia for breakfast. Here's another one: The oliebol - it's kind of really like an ("oil ball") and is a Dutch New Year's treat dusted with snow-white sugar and containing raisins. Being in Israel, I'm focused on Israeli SUFGANIYOT (pronounced SUF-GA-NEE-YOT) which is another type of fried yeast dough, traditionally consumed during the holiday season of Chanukah. Most similar to a donuts, an Israeli sufganiya" (singular) is a decadent confectionery, filled with any flavor your sweet tooth craves, and topped with icing and / or icing sugar.

market selling israeli donuts

The holiday of Hanukkah commemorates a story of an historic fight, around the second century BCE, when the rededication of the Temple was restored to allow Jewish worship. To celebrate the victory, it has become traditional to eat foods fried in oil, play gambling games, give gifts of money, and light a 9-branched candelabra, called a Hanukkah Menorah. Using the uppermost candle (called the Shamash) one candle is lit the first night, two the second and so on until all 8 candles are glowing.

Chanukah is a festive holiday and as it's central theme is lights, Israel embraces the theme and the entire country is illuminated.

In addition to all the great traditions, I really love time spent with my family. Schools are closed, and with the climate in Israel varying from snow up in the North, to warmth down south, vacation opportunities abound.

I am so excited to present three brand new Chanukah Menorot as part of this year's Or Paz Collection. As always, we use only solid 925 Sterling Silver in the production of these candelabras. Each Menorah is unique, featuring detailing and scrolling or clean curves - it's all about your preference! We are offering three candelabras, two tall ones - with the larger one weighing 770 grams and over 22" tall! The shorter candelabra gives the silhouette of an oil jug, which is reminiscent of the ancient way of lighting these beauties! That's equivalent to nearly 6 donuts! Exclusively available through QVC you can view all these beauties! still have time before the first night of Chanukah (December 12th) for delivery!

Happy Chanukah to our Friends & Family!!


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