Almonds are Blossoming

Almond Blossom

My Dear Friends,

It is the first day of Spring, and when I lived in the United States, March was that transitional month, the month that came in like a lion and left like a lamb...or was that April? Although I travel frequently to the United States, I often spend my time indoors so I do not get to see the weather change during my travels.

almond bracelet

However, in Israel the passage of time is very subtle and the transitions are often harder to identify. To begin with, the weather - especially in the center of the country - tends to be more temperate so winter season rarely brings snow and sub optimal temperatures. Additionally, like California, we are blessed with lots of sun, so even on the coldest winter's day, the sun is high in the sky.

But some of the changes I love are the blooming of the flowers. Fruits and vegetables grow abundant throughout the year, but there is something about the almond blossoms that seem to take my breath away. The bold and beautiful glowing whites leave tendrils of hints that the winter is coming to a close and spring is quickly on its heels.

In addition to almonds being delicious, they are full of protein, calcium and magnesium. Almonds are mentioned in scripture and are eaten is every way imaginable.

almond blossom

As a person connected to nature, I look at the flowering blossoms, and it occurs to me....the beautiful petals, gradually open are inspirational!!

In fact that almond shape itself also is beautiful, unlike the symmetrical marquis, the rounded edge balances the pointed corner!!

I'm coming back to QVC on March 26th next week and will have some amazing new pieces to showcase....take a look at these you see the almond shape stones? Now you know where my inspiration is born. I hope you join me!

Happy Spring!


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