Father-Son Bonding Time

My Dear Friends,

I am on cloud nine this weekend! My two favorite activities - family time and running - merged together in perfect synchronicity! This weekend, I ran a 10K / 6.2 miles marathon with my son Itay. As a 12 year old, he is full of energy and extraordinarily enthusiastic about challenging himself, in all areas. So, when Itay asked me about two months ago if he could run a marathon with me, I jumped at the chance to be able to do something together.

The idea of spending uninterrupted and frequent time with my son - with no electronic distractions - was incredibly appealing. So, about two months ago, we began the training regiment. I frequently run, so I was a little concerned about Itay getting injured. To combat my fears, we made sure he was in great health, bought supportive sneakers, and made a very concerted effort to have quality warm ups, cool downs and consistent hydration.

Our training schedule began with regular runs, which gradually increased in distance and time as the Marathon weekend came closer. I was so impressed with Itai. He had set a few goals for himself:

1. Run the entire 10K

2. Finish the Marathon in under one hour.

So on Friday, we laced up our shoes....filled our water bottles, stretched and warmed up, and ran the marathon in Ra'anana. The route was pretty straight forward and we kept our pace throughout the event.

It was remarkable....my son hit both of his goals - and he finished the race at 56 minutes.

Training with Itay taught me many things; first and foremost, it's great to see through the lens of a son the satisfaction and pride of setting and goal and hitting it. I also believe that this experience will further enhance our family bond...I love my son and he knows it!!

It is this philosophy that I live by. I see a goal and I slowly and steadily steer toward it. Life is not a race, it is a marathon.

Wishing everyone a fabulous spring season!! Keep on running! And...I can't wait to see you when I'm back at QVC on March 26th. It will be a different kind of marathon - but wait until you see the Big Deal....you will run to get it!!


#marathon #family #running #endurance

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