Something to Shine About - Jovella 2018

My Dear Friends,

The Summer Season is about to begin! When one lives in a location with a temperate climates, the actual date (June 21) is somewhat irrelevant to mark the onset of the season; rather it's a state of mind. The school year has drawn to a close, families are vacation planning and graduates are celebrating. Even if you are not in an education-related industry there are other signs marking Summer's Arrival.

For me, Summer's arrival is ushered in when I begin planning to attend the Annual Jovella Jewelry and Trade show, set to happen this year from June 26-27. This is the 15th year of this amazing trade show and I'm so excited to have Or Paz represented among some of the top international jewelry designers, manufacturers and retailers. Just as Israel is famously know as the "start-up nation" for technology, it also mean that the jewelry industry is emerging and using cutting edge technology to keep it fresh and up-to-date. Did you know: In addition to 3-d printing, laser cutting and printing for precision has now migrated to jewelry design and manufacturing?

Jovella takes place at the spacious Tel Aviv Fairgrounds. And this year, it's super special. There are two important milestones whose themes will be interwoven among the show this year. The 70th Anniversary of the State of Israel will certainly be an important component of the show, whether it's blue and white decor or symbolic statements, this benchmark of achievement will yield a fabulous celebratory atmosphere. Another benchmark is that in 2003, Unesco declared Tel Aviv to be the "WHITE CITY". Why? I'm so glad you asked!! It's because so many of the buildings are WHITE! Making these white buildings further identifiable are their flat roofs, pillars and long narrow windows.

I am so incredibly proud to display Or Paz at the Jovella Fair! I am able to interact and engage with customers and other industry leaders. I love walking throughout the fair visiting colleagues. One great aspect of the fair is a unique opportunity to meet young, enthusiastic and creative designers. Internationally recognized Jewelers, designers, retailers and even manufacturers come to the show. But they are also coming to visit Israel. A trip here is not complete without a visit to holy sites, the beach and of course enjoying the top cuisine in the world. When I leave Jovella, I have that "Fresh from the Fair" feeling. It's a combination of:

1. INNOVATION: Exhibiting at the show gives me front row seats to the future of the jewelry industry

2. INSPIRATION: Being among other industry leaders allows me to not "see" new collections, but I can look through a different lens and engage my senses at the fair

3. CURIOSITY: Just as some runway fashions are meant to surprise, these trade shows are exactly the same. It's not uncommon to see some very avant-garde collections and materials, but yet with inherent beauty!

So, come join me this year!! I'll be doing some Facebook live feeds from the show, and will give you a mini-tour of Tel Aviv! As an added bonus, I'll be "fresh from the fair" when I'm back at QVC on July 26th with a fabulous new TSV!!! Mark your calendars!

Happy Summer! Danny

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