Denise Ruble - Or Paz Community Member for July 2018

My Dear Friends,

As an active member of social media - especially Facebook - I get a unique opportunity to respond to our Or Paz Community in a personal, informal manner. I love it when customers share their pictures, stories and engage with our posts. Every so often a community member's posts (and pictures) peak my interest, and I want to ask..."I want to hear more!!" Meet Denise Ruble, an Or Paz Community Member with a VERY, VERY impressive collection of our treasures! I loved reading about her personal and professional achievements - she's a 9-1-1 dispatcher - thank you Denise for sharing your amazing life with me, and our community!



or paz jewelry collection
or paz jewelry collection

Dear Danny,

or paz jewelry collection

I live in a small town in SW Missouri called Elkland. It is approximately 35 miles from Springfield and about near Branson for those who go to visit the country stars and shows there. I am married but am currently living with my mother helping to take care of her. When I am in the house I love to take it easy, watch QVC a lot and cook. I love to cook and bake. When I am outside I am usually doing chores. I have a lot of mowing to do. It takes about 10 hours to mow the property, I help take care of horses, dogs, cats, etc. I love to go watch Springfield Cardinals Baseball when I have time. I am a 911 Dispatcher. We answer calls for all of Greene County Mo and Dispatch for 23 different agencies Police, fire and transfer to medical. It can really be grueling. I work 10 hours a day and then have a 1 hr drive to and from work. When I am not working I hate being on the telephone. The first purchase I ever got from Or Paz was a Sterling Silver Pear Shaped Opal Ring. I loved this ring so much and it is so beautiful it started my obsession with Or Paz Jewelry. Everyday I wear bracelets and rings. I usually wear a plain pair of earrings, but the rings and bracelets are Or Paz. I change each day dependent on the color of the outfit I am wearing. I have so many choices, it becomes difficult to decide. I love every piece of Or Paz I get and I think they are all my favorites, but I would have to say that the first piece The Pear shaped Opal Ring is still my favorite piece and it is my birthstone as well. I shop a little bit of everywhere, but when it comes to items such as my Jewelry, Kitchen items things like this, I always shop at QVC or online. QVC really has some of the best prices for the items that you can purchase at a brick and mortar store. I usually have to go to a store to pick out clothing and food but everything else is usually purchased online. I am not sure of what my greatest accomplishment would be, other that the Love of God, of Family and of Friends. I am a very lucky person to have all three of those things in my life. Without them I can not even begin to imagine what life would hold for me.

Or Paz Jewelry Collection

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