From Russia, with Love

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My Dear Friends,

Are you a soccer fan? If you live anywhere in Europe, Middle East, or the United Kingdom, you can't help but be swept up with the MONDIAL fever! Proudly called "FOOTBALL" the soccer final /also called FIFA championships are displayed on every screen, in ever store!! Somewhat on par with the NFL superbowl (but infinitely more exciting) the top teams are competing. With summer vacation just beginning, I knew that taking my boys to Russia to see the games would be an experience of a lifetime!

We landed in Moscow, and although I wasn't sure what to expect, the weather is magnificent, the airport is stunning and high-tech and the personnel are ready and waiting for the influx of tourists. I am not exaggerating when I say that there are fans at the games from all over the world!! From Alabama to Zimbabwe (and every where in between) we talked and enjoyed the "people watching" experience.

During the day, we either watched the games - the Sweden win over Switzerland 1-0 was a nail biter!! Or we toured...Russia is a HUGE place, and there were games all over the country. We stayed to pretty basic food, but it's not authentic until you eat some BORSCHT!

During the year, I travel quite a bit, but each summer, I try to give my family an unforgettable experience. I think that heading to these games was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I feel so privileged that I could spend uninterrupted time with my sons.


meeting true swedish friends paz creations
seeing the sites of the world cup rooting for sweden!

domes of russia paz creations

Now that we're back, you can be sure we will be riveted to the TV for the final games that will take place this weekend!

What's next on the agenda....Can't wait to be back on Israeli soil!! I'm just about to go over all the great pictures that I took while Deanna and I toured!! I'm getting ready for the big TSV which will take place July 26 on QVC! I hope you'll join me!!



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