A Rose Gold, by Any Color, is Still as Gorgeous!

Rose Gold, Yellow Gold or white gold...what do they all mean?

PURE GOLD - 24K gold is 100% pure gold, it is rich yellow and color and because of its purity, is way too soft to be used as jewelry. So what do we do to make it durable? Jewelers mix different metals and create a strong, gorgeous and long wearing masterpiece. 14K is probably the most common gold for jewelry. It contains 58% gold.

Let's talk color. If all gold starts as pure gold, then all the alternative colors from the metals that are mixed with them to give their color.

Yellow Gold: Silver, copper and Zinc are the metal alloys added to give 14K its distinctive color.

Rose Gold: Silver, copper and zinc alloys are added, but the ratios are different. If more copper is added, that warmer, pinkier color appears.

White Gold: Pure gold is mixed with copper, silver and palladium...but

it's still possible to find jewelry also with nickel added to give it that distinct, "platinum" color. I"ll be coming to you LIVE from the Or Paz Studios in Ramat Gan on Monday, August 13th....followed by LIVE on QVC!! See you soon!

I'm looking forward to seeing you on-air with the Adi Paz 14K gold Collection from August 16 -17!! When you purchase Adi Paz, you know you're purchasing with the security, assurance and quality that Or Paz is famous for!


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