Spotlight on....Cynthia Cohen

This month, we are so excited to spotlight our community member CYNTHIA COHEN....not only is she an avid Or Paz collector, but she's also been to Israel (more than once) and even has come to visit our studio!! When Cynthia sent us her amazing array of the pieces from her Or Paz Collection, we knew that we had found our special community member for August!

So, we decided to ask Cynthia some questions, about herself and her passions!

OP: When was your first Or Paz purchase?

CC: My first Or Paz jewelry was a few years ago. I was looking for a pearl ring and saw a Mother of pearl on QVC. OP:I have heard that you're an avid collector, and probably have more than 20 pieces of the Or Paz that true?

CC: I probably have closer to 30 pieces!!

OP: Where do you live, and you can you share a little bit about your life? CC: I live in Aventura, Florida, with wonderful and the most amazing parents and brother. I visited the Or Paz studios with my brother last August. OP: What type of jewelry do you like to collect? What draws you to the Or Paz Collection? CC: I have a collection of jewelry and of course, Or Paz jewelry. I match my jewelry with what I am wearing. Like today, for example, I am in black and white. Therefore, I am wearing the first Mother of pearl ring and the last floral pearl ring and the silver floral cuff. OP Where do you purchase your jewelry?

CC: It depends, I love watching Danny when he's on QVC. But I will often make purchases at other online outlets as well. When I am at the mall, if I see a piece of jewelry that catches my eye, I may buy it depending if it is reasonably priced. Often times, if I see a piece and my brother Dan, is with me, I ask for his opinion too!! He would ask me, "Do you think that this nice", and if I would answer, "Yes", he would take it off the display and buy it without letting me know! He's got a great eye for clothing too! He is the best! OP: Do you have a favorite piece in the Or Paz Collection?

CC: I do not have a favorite Or Paz piece. I love them all. The design and colors are stunning and exquisite. Best regards from Aventura!

Thank you again Cynthia for taking the time to photograph your Or Paz Collection, and of course for taking the time to be spotlighted as our Community Member of the Month!

If you would like to be highlighted next month....drop us a line! We would love to hear from you!

Send an e-mail to

Hoping you have a wonderful week.....and Shana Tova from the Or Paz Community!

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