What is My Ring Size?

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Shoe sizes, clothing sizes, SUPER SIZES!!

I know what size shirt I am, and what size belt my nephew wears, but now I also now need to know my ring size! How do I know what ring size I need? And equally important, what does it mean that the ring is sized, "TO FIT"?

Most of us probably know our shoe size or our clothing size as we tend to purchase shoes, jeans or shirts with relative frequency. Rings, however, are different. While you may own many rings, it is possible that if you entered a jewelry shop they sized you, you purchased a ring, and then you left without paying too much attention to size.


Unlike shoes, ring sizes are standardized. That means, a size 5 ring - will always be a size 5 ring, whether you purchase your jewelry in the United States or Canada. And while you may live in England or China, every country has a universal sizing chart for rings. (see below.)


Great question! Rings basically have a few different shapes. They can be the same width all the way around, or they can be tapered toward the back of your finger. For WIDE rings - like our best selling spinner ring - not only is the ring the same width, it also happens to be quite broad. That means, that while your finger may be a certain size, you may be concerned that a wider ring may not be comfortable. HAVE NO FEAR!!! We have conscientiously sized our wider rings "TO FIT"....so you do not have to go up in a ring size to ensure comfort!

If you're between sizes, it's probably best to go up.

We have made the concerted effort to help making your online ring shopping a breeze!!


While there are different standards throughout the world, we have created this very visual chart to show

you how to easily size your finger as well as the ring-size equivalencies worldwide.

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