Focus On....Rhonda Searls

Introducing....RHONDA SEARLS! Rhonda is a SUPER FAN!! She's just made her 27th OR PAZ

Pear shaped dangle earrings paz creations

purchase!! So, I felt that it was important to really get to know her! With the beauty of the internet, even though we're sitting in our offices in Israel, it's easy to connect to Rhonda who lives in the small town of Wheelersburg, Ohio right on the Ohio River.

Rhonda has worked for more than 20 years as a Licensed Practical Nurse, and in her most recent roll (before retirement) she said her last job was the best, "Caring for our country's great Veterans at a VA Medical Center."

Rhonda's interests vary from reading and movies; cross-stitch, embroidery, hand and machine sewing, and watching the deer and wild turkeys from her back deck to going for drives! Her location in Ohio means that she lives within easy distances of two state and one National Forest. She loves checking to see which wildflowers are in season.

As a proud grandmother of three, her youngest Emma, lives with Rhonda; she is 16, an excellent student, and is learning to drive!

And as for Or's how it all started:

"About five years ago I caught Danny in a bit of an Or Paz presentation on QVC. My first order was a ring from the Lace collection - it's still my favorite piece - I wear it more than any other of my Or Paz. I'll slip it on even if it is the only piece of jewelry I put on. And, since becoming acquainted with Paz, I don't wear much other jewelry. "

When asked about Rhonda's preferences for shopping, she said that to avoid crowds she has begun to do more and more online (or TV) shopping. it's a great way to avoid the crowds, and everything comes right to the front door. "Works for me!" Rhonda enthusiastically writes!

As for an's one! Rhonda would love to continue growing her collection of lovely sterling silver pieces from Or Paz, LiPaz, and Paz Creations!!

I loved how Rhonda concluded our conversation:

"Here in Appalachia there's a saying applied to ladies getting all dolled up that goes, "Every old barn looks better with a little paint.' I'm not much for paint any more but some silver trim? Absolutely!! Make mine Paz!"

Thank you Rhonda for your time!! Are you a super fan? Feel free to reach out! You could also be highlighted! All of our community members that are highlighted receive a fabulous Paz treasure! contact us:

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