10 Things I loved about 2018!

My Dear Friends,

I can't believe that 2018 is nearly over! It seems that each year passes more quickly than the last...is that how everyone feels? I'm heading to QVC tomorrow for my final show of the 2018 calendar year, and I'm bring this fabulous BIG DEAL with me at 9pm on QVC2!! The ring is stunning....full of Or Paz Love! From the gemstones, to the flowers, I think that this is a great way to close out the year....and for those of you who love coordinating pieces, I have a great "friendship" bracelet and dangle earrings!!

Now....onto reflecting about the 10 things that I loved about 2018....are you ready for 2019?

1. QVC United Kingdom - I love heading to England! I find it amazing - there's no language barrier when I head to the UK - yet the culture is so significantly different from the US!! And it starts with remember over which shoulder to look when I'm crossing the street!

2. My son's Bar Mitzvah - what a milestone celebration! It makes me so proud to see my kids growing up! (But I just hope they don't do it too quickly!)

3. Deanna's trip to Israel - I loved hosting Deanna this summer in Israel! We did the touristy things that I never get to do - like riding on camels!

4. Favorite image of the year? This great post from my Or Paz Community of multi-generational family showing off their "Paz Style"

5. Contests! We gave away necklaces and bracelets to our wonderful community of fans...we will have more giveaways in 2019! Stay in touch.

6. Collaborating! Working with my great friend Noa Tishby on a brand new collection that debuted this year on HSN!

7. Russia. Heading to Russia with my boys for the World Cup of Soccer!

8. Running. I accomplished my running goals this year of a 5k, 10k and full marathon!

9. My Team. My fabulous Or Paz Team!

10. YOU. I love meeting you....in person....on Facebook and on the phone @QVC! This past year, we loved highlighting some "super fans" of the Or Paz Community...we even met a community member who has nearly 80 pieces from the Or Paz Collection! It's YOU who makes our collection! We'll have a new super fan next month for you to meet! It's due to your our Or Paz Community, that I love, cherish and enjoy spending the most time with!

Have a wonderful New Year....and my sincere wishes for an AMAZING 2019!

I hope you join me on QVC tomorrow!

December 17: -9-11pm with the NEW BIG DEAL!

December 28: 12-2am, 7-9am, 11am - 1pm, 7-9pm


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