Meet Our Community Member for the Month of May!

My Dear Friends,

It gives me great pleasure to introduce a new friend to the Or Paz Collection, Avital! Meet Avital!! Let's start with the awesome story of how we met! .Avital lives in Givatayim, Israel, about a 20 minute drive from our studio in Ramat Gan, and she watches Or Paz on QVC - from her home in Israel!! She fell in love with the Or Paz collection and was DETERMINED to be able to purchase some of our collection. However, as QVC does not ship internationally, Avital let "her fingers do the walking" and discovered the Or Paz studios in Israel. Motivated, she picked up the phone and that first call has lead to a fabulous relationship with the Or Paz Collection!!

Avital is a mother of three amazing kids, and one cat. A dentist by profession, Avital moved to Israel to be with her extended family.

She is the proud owner of about 15 Or Paz pieces - and even has had friends from the US bring her some of the jewelry that she ordered online!

When I asked Avital what her favorite Or Paz treasure was, she told me that "It's like asking which child she loves the most!!" But her current favorite is the spiga bracelet with the bar and stones.

Avital is well-known for layering her any given moment you can find her wearing necklace, earrings, 4 rings, 5 bracelets . In fact, silver is her "go-to" choice for jewelry as it's nickel and lead free!! So, gold is not an option for Avital!!

It has been so nice to get to know Avital (and her kids) in person!! We love when you come to visit!!

Would you like to be featured as the "Community Member of the Month"....send us an email to or a message through Facebook - we would love to hear from you!

For Mother's Day, visit the Or Paz Collection....I know you'll find something that you love!




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