Meet....Dina Urbowitz, Community Member of April!

My Dear Friends,

It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to Dina Urbowitz, the proud and lovely Community Member of April!!

From Pittsburgh, Dina has a fulfilling and extraordinarily busy life!! Are you ready for this....she has worked in the banking industry for over 22 years! Her roles include training colleagues on procedures and operational topics. She loves sharing her expertise to help increase knowledge - all this while being assigned 30 branches all over the city! She definitely lives up to her family's expectations that a good worth ethic is something to be proud of! She's such a top performing Bank manager, that she's even won a Lexus and a trip to Mexico!! Clearly, Dina is a role model!

A proud denizen of Pittsburgh, Dina loves visiting museums and historic centers throughout the city. This picture, of her backyard, shows off her back-patio sanctuary where she enjoys engaging with nature. In addition to squirrels, rabbits and hummingbirds, the occasional deer can also be spotted!

Dina is definitely a super fan!! During our e-conversations, she related that she loves jewelry and never misses a chance to catch Or Paz when it's on the air! She appreciates the passion that we put into creating the Or Paz line, and definitely identifies good workmanship when she sees it!! When asked if she prefers online, on TV or in store shopping, Dina feels that watching a presentation is a great way to see and hear demonstrations of the individual products, and when necessary, she can follow up with further research before making a purchase.

It was so much fun to e-meet Dina!! If I ever get a chance to visit Pittsburgh, after all QVC's offices in Westchester are not too far away, I'm definitely going to take Dina's advice and visit the Frick Museum, or maybe I should visit the Andy Warhol exhibit, but the Carnegie Museum seems fabulous!....too hard to choose!

Looking forward to being back in Pennsylvania on THURSDAY!! Coming back with an ADI PAZ you know, it's nearly been 10 years since we've been on the air at QVC!! How would you celebrate your 10th anniversary with a company that you love?

See you on Thursday....I'll start the day with Ali Carr at 2AM(est), and then on Beauty IQ at 6AM(est)!!



#communitymember #orpaz #adipaz

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