Wearing your Money Around Your Neck

My Dear Friends,

Coin necklaces are awesome - I love the way they look! . Do they bring luck to the wearer? While I can't promise luck, I can - with certainty - let you know that silver or gold coin necklace is a timeless addition to your jewelry collection, they are perfect for everyday wear and are even thought to promote wealth and prosperity!

I would like to think of a coin necklace as a LOVE TOKEN or SWEETHEART jewelry!! Did you know that during WW1 and WW2 soldiers would send coin necklaces to their girlfriends, wives, sistersor mothers?

I love coin jewelry that has a vintage feel.

This is accomplished by making the pendants from older coins, that aren't a perfect circle, and have the wear and tear of repeated use.

When we designed the COIN pendant (it is reminiscent of Israeli currency, the SHEKEL) We thought of all these factors. History, meaning, sentimentality and beauty merge together to create this pendant that is perfect for everyday and can be elevated for a perfect night out!

We'd love to know how you wear YOUR coin necklace...layered or by itself? Mixed metals or just sterling silver?

A coin necklace. A versatile way to enhance every outfit!

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