A closer look at the circle of life Karma Ring

I believe in doing good deeds without expectations. I also believe in true Karma. What goes around comes around the complete circle of life, a spiritual law that I have always lived by. As the pandemic began to move closer to my home in Israel and grew to the global pandemic we are living with today I had a quiet moment. It was in that moment back in February 2020 that I realized I must add a Karma design to my collection as quickly as possible.

The circle of life karma ring is a delicately balanced slightly uneven circle. I wanted to create a minimalist clean design that could be worn with comfort and ease yet still retaining a sophisticated finish. The Karma “open circle of life” collection has all been delicately handcrafted with the finest 14K gold. The Karma open circle is available in both yellow and rose gold. The collection includes the ring, a stunning necklace, and beautifully balanced earrings.

As we all know life may not always go in a perfect rhythm but we must trust that the actions we take have an impact. The kind deeds will always be repaid, the laws of Karma can not be avoided. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have witnessed historic levels of kindness and commitment. The medical staff have risked their safety and sacrificed precious family time to fight against this virus and keep populations as safe and as healthy as possible all over the world. The scientists have been working non-stop towards a sustainable vaccine and regular people are reaching out and giving love and kindness in unprecedented ways.

We may not understand the true impact of COVID-19 for many more years to come. I am delighted that the Karma circle of life symbol that I designed back in February has created a lasting reminder of how true kindness will always come back to you.

I hope you enjoy this design and that it brings a little moment of calm to your world wherever and whatever you may be doing. Take a closer look at the Karma collection here 👉 .

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