Hearts & Butterflies - A Beautiful Reminder Of What Truly Matters!

Because we're staying close to home, I have been spending time daydreaming about past vacations. I have fond memories of spending time engaging in nature hikes, and as you know

the beauty found in nature has always captivated me. The Or Paz collection is known for it’s soft organic swirling lines and scroll designs. Both symbolic of the circle of life. The ebb and flow of fields full of wildflowers and tall forest trees whose leaves sway in the gentle breeze all contribute to my designs. I enjoy capturing the very essence of nature and presenting it in a stylish and sophisticated way.

This Two-tone Multi Gemstone Sterling Silver Ring With Heart or Butterfly Accent & Scroll Motif (J369257) is a delightfully bold statement ring. The familiar off-center setting found in many of the Or Paz designs gives this ring an exceptional designer feel.

The butterfly and heart accents were carefully selected and are a beautiful reminder of what we must focus on. Around the whole world, people are facing unprecedented challenges that require a positive attitude and great courage. Both the heart and butterfly have been known historically as symbols of endurance, change, and hope for a brighter better future. The COVID-19 virus with all its uncertainty has created an outpouring of love and devotion in all levels of society and around the entire globe. I believe that we have been experiencing a collective awakening and the world will not be the same as it was before the virus arrived. The butterfly must go into hiding to become something new. This makes it a perfect symbolic reminder that life is full of challenges and we often need to trust ourselves to adapt and become something new to overcome. The caterpillar with limited mobility morphs into a delicate free butterfly just as we must remember to focus on a brighter, lighter, and ultimately easier future.

The warmth of true affection has been communicated with the heart symbol since the middle ages. It gained popularity in the 15th and 16th centuries. The romance between King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson has been told through jewelry. One of the first pieces given to Wallis by Edward was a Cartier heart charm, which opened to reveal an engraving: “The Heart Has Its Reasons”. The King abdicated his throne for his true love, and from those times till the modern-day, the heart symbolizes an everlasting devotion.

This versatile two-tone look can be positioned with the gemstones on the outer or inner side. The wide hammered silver band and gentle waved edges creates an extremely comfortable fit. This organic bold statement ring has a choice of two stunning accents and a variety of gemstones to choose from.

Now all you need to do is select which accent with which gemstone. The butterfly accent is available with White or Blue topaz and the heart accent comes with a choice of amethyst or citrine gemstones. All of the rings in this design have a strong vibrant presence and are sure to bring you joy and a calm and hopeful heart during these trying times.

"Every piece of jewelry tells a story. Jewelry connects our past with our future."

See you tomorrow (August 28th) on QVC at 11am EST! I'm coming to you LIVE

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