The Power of Motherhood

I'm not a mother. But I'm married to one, and I have one. I would like to offer perspective and insight. I have always thought of women the ultimate multi-taskers. Every greeting card that exists depicts women with the ability to juggle multiple responsibilities. The also wear many "hats". Instead of listing all the jobs that our mothers can do and are able to do, I feel as though their roles can be better categorized, rather than itemized.

Mothers Protect Us

Safety, security, stability. Our mothers provide us with boundless protection. Emotional and physical, they are both therapists and doctors. They watch us as we stumble through life. They quell our fears. They pick us up through life's hardships. Mothers are the glue which hold us together.

Never Ending Energy

I look at my wife, I think of my mother, and all that comes to mind is: When do they sleep? Up early in the morning, staying up late at night. As children, we always need to eat, and for some reason we want fresh clothing to wear. I can't help but admire my wife's unlimited amount of patience - towels, underwear or ironing shirts; and still ready with a bedtime story!


Dirty or clean. Sad or Angry. Frustrated or Elated. No matter how I felt, as a child, no matter what my mood, it was clear that her love for me was unconditional. My storm may past, and I am still loved. I may feel deflated, yet, my mother can be my cheerleader. Mother's Day truly is...every day of the year!

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