To Infinity...and Beyond!

My Dear Friends,

As the year 2020 begins to draw to a close, I was feeling reflective about how challenging this past year has been. We have lost loved ones to Covid, we have not been able to celebrate the wonderful milestones of life with our family, and the truth is, we're scared. We're scared to get ill, we're worried about the long term health and economic effects of this global pandemic.

Instead of focusing on the negative, I've decided to shift my mindset and focus on the positive, and with that spirit in mind, I've created two new sets in our Or Paz Collection and would like to share them with you. In sharp contrast to the classic floral, organic motifs that Or Paz is well-known for, I have created these sets with simpler lines to help represent the simpler times for which we strive. These sets will be fabulous gifts for everyone on your list (and you too!)

To Infinity and Beyond

The first set is our infinity necklace and earring sett. To me, infinity symbolizes so many lovely concepts. Eternity, eternal love, empowerment. With no beginning and no end, it can mean the bonds of infinite friendship, love or a spiritual connection. Ultimately, it represents eternal hope and the endless possibilities we have before us. With the perfectly balanced shape, I love the mystical and magical meaning behind the infinity symbol.

Show Your Expression of Faith

You've asked and I've answered, the second set is the sterling silver cross necklace and coordinating shepherd's hook earrings. I know about commitment and about faith and in these times of uncertainty, our love and faith is what will empower us to see the other side with clarity.

Looking for a great gift set at a fabulous price? You're going to love this!! And...I hope you can join me tonight at 7pm (EST) as I present LIVE on QVC (check your local channel or on their Facebook page) these two new sets.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season, a season of blessings happiness and joy.



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